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Cybersecurity (Offered Online)

In an increasingly digital world, data is currency. Organizations rely on cybersecurity professionals to protect their digital assets from damage or theft. Houston is a growing technology hub, one of the top 10 U.S. cities for computer, engineering and information architecture jobs.

The Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity gives you the needed skills and knowledge to combat cybercrimes.

The Online Schools Guide ranks UST's AAS in Cybersecurity degree #3 in the Top 10 Online Schools Cybersecurity Associates Degrees in the nation for 2022.

Networking Technology (Offered Online)

Practically every organization in the world relies on a solid network of computers to function. Network administration professionals perform essential support work managing and maintaining computer networks.

The Associate of Applied Science in Networking Technology gives you the knowledge and skills to set up, monitor and troubleshoot local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

General Business (Offered Online)

Business majors are in high demand, as organizations seek employees who have the practical skills to organize, plan and manage the varied activities within a business. The Associate of Applied Science in General Business program at the University of St. Thomas can help improve job prospects and earning potential.

This 100% online program is designed for students who desire to learn the fundamentals of general business, entrepreneurship, and those who seek additional certifications for immediate employment and career upskilling. Students can earn their associate degree within 2 years, and will gain knowledge and skills in critical thinking, communication, information literacy, and professional responsibilities with a unique focus on leadership skills and ethics.

General Studies (Offered Online)

Offered in both English and Spanish, a General Studies Associates Degree from University of St. Thomas-Houston offers students a well-rounded education with a solid multi-disciplinary preparation allowing them to pursue careers in Education, STEM, Government, Business, and other fields. At UST, students will have an opportunity to engage in the Study of History, Literature, Writing, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Creative Arts and more. The Kolbe Associate of Applied Science program has been designed to help students communicate well, formulate compelling arguments, and problem solve.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling (Offered Online)

There is a tremendous need for drug and alcohol counselors in Texas and nationwide. These professionals help to meet the needs of citizens and communities struggling with addiction and addiction-related mental health issues.

The Associate of Applied Science in Drug and Alcohol Counseling is ideal for students interested in working with those struggling with addiction in mental health and related settings, and also welcomes professionals interested in obtaining their LCDC-Intern license.

Pragmatic Studies (In-Person)

Education is a foundation that enables anyone to have a successful career and life. The University of St. Thomas Associate of Applied Science in Pragmatic Studies is a two-year program designed specifically for students who have learning differences that may interfere with academic success in a traditional collegiate setting.

Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as an instructional modality, students in this program will spend 12-15 hours per week in the classroom with a cohort of 12-15 students, which will allow for more personalized instruction.

The Associate of Applied Science in Pragmatic Studies prepares and influences socially responsible citizens who will transform and sustain communities. Graduates will possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to meet postsecondary goals and increase employment outcomes. Graduates will also demonstrate that learning differences will no longer be an obstacle for success.

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Dr. Nicole McZeal Walters
Dean of Associate of Applied Science Programs and Associate Professor

The key selling point for these programs is to also generate a shorter period for degree completion at an affordable rate. The courses are designed to maximize effectiveness by mapping each leaning objective to specific course and program outcomes as set forth by the curriculum.